Converting Shoppers into Customers by bringing a unique “Shopping Experience” for Brands, Retailers and Sales Locations. That’s what we as Shopping Experience Professionals for P&R Visual Merchandising stand for.


A good shop window combines all the elements of a total communication mix and sets the tone for the rest of the visit. We pay serious attention to making your first impression to the shopper an experience in itself.


We are proud of our talents. In a seamless collaboration between Creation, Operations and the Field team, to bring instore campaigns to life like no other.


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"We commissioned P&R because we needed a strong, unambiguous store image. Consumers must immediately recognise us on the street. Which look & feel is the stopping power for our target group? With an enormous amount of creativity and professionalism, P&R Visual Merchandising has taken a step in this direction for us, thus giving us a lot of confidence. We knew we had a partner who understood what we needed. A year later, we hired the agency again. To translate the first step - the stopping power - into what you see in our stores. That's what you want: to 'take' customers 'along' in your shop. For our franchisees, too, we offer a free choice to use full service. I consider P&R Visual Merchandising to be an extension of our company in merchandising business. P&R switches creatively, quickly and flexibly. They also worked very hard."

Ruud Jacobse

"Edelman is a dynamic company with an active and rapidly changing product range. We also ask this of our partners! P&R is a professional organisation that acts swiftly and appropriately. Order today, receive tomorrow suits P&R perfectly! But they are also a great partner for projects. P&R gladly thinks along with us in order to be able to offer the best service together."

Daniël den Boer

"We approached P&R Visual Merchandising to advise us on how to improve sales result in our stores by adapting product presentation. After telephone contact, an appointment was made swiftly and we immediately received applicable tips and tricks and pragmatic advice on our product range and pricing. We implemented these recommendations the same week and this has resulted in a significant increase in sales. The contact with P&R was pleasant and the recommendations were perfectly applicable. It was great that they were able to respond so quickly and we had our stores in order before the season."

Gertrude Blum

"For the temporary implementation of Visual Merchandising capacity in our field staff, I was looking for a partner who could implement this professionally and quickly and with the right attitude for us. It turned out that it was not so easy to find a good specialist in this field who could temporarily take maternity leave for us. After the first contact with P&R Visual Merchandising, we were able to respond quickly. With a clear quotation process, and a personal acquaintance with the Visual Merchandiser candidate, we were able to get started very quickly and the replacement went smoothly."

Tanja Klein, HR Manager Villeroy & Boch

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