About us

Storetailing; Story-telling
Oxford Dictionary: Noun: The activity of telling or writing stories.

Or in our case:
Making the Story come to life in a retail environment through Visual Merchandising to offer shoppers a unique shopping experience and convert them to customers.

Converting Shoppers into Customers by bringing a unique “Shopping Experience” for Brands, Retailers and Sales Locations. That’s what we as Shopping Experience Professionals for P&R Visual Merchandising stand for.

From our offices in 'De Corridor' in Breukelen, we take care of visual marketing. From the roll-out and execution of an existing concept for a retailer to coming up with an entirely new creative concept, the sourcing and production of materials and logistics to the execution in stores. It is Full Service and 100% "Hassle Free" as we like to call it. This enables our clietns to fully focus on their core tasks.

To make talented people stand out through creative and innovative ideas and execution with the aim of “the ultimate shopping experience”. Our own team of Window Dressers, Decorators and Stylists with nationwide coverage makes our approach unique.

We pride ourselves on a strong focus on the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of all our services. Result-driven and transparent in our approach, we share these insights with our clients. Based on these insights and results, we actively improve the customer journey and the sales result.

If we are talking about a “journey”, this also applies to ourselves. With almost 20 years of experience, you can count on “solid and reliable craftsmanship” in Visual Merchandising. Every day, we innovate with creative ideas and innovative solutions. When Customers become ambassadors and share experiences, this is an additional confirmation of the result. The next logical step in our journey is “2020 future digital & tech” which will become of fixed value in our offer.

P&R Visual Merchandising: Shopping Experience Professionals. Because shoppers are always on the move and so are we.