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Roxanne Gareman

Commercial Manager

+ 31 (0)6 28 137 194

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The market is dynamic, and so are we. We always go for the best talent for our commissioning parties. In order to keep feeding our current and future development with “the best we can get”, we are also looking for you.

Would you like to work in a Top Team, working for the most beautiful brands and Retailers? Do you want to share and further develop your talents? Please send an email with your motivation letter and CV - together with a passport photo - to or fill in the form below.

    We would like to ask for your consent to keep your details on file, should you not be accepted immediately after the application procedure. Your data will then be kept with us for a maximum of 1 year, with the purpose of approaching you in the event of new or different opportunities. You can indicate your consent by clicking 'Yes' in the box above. If you do not wish to do so, we will delete your details 4 weeks after submission of the document. The fact that you do not give your consent will not have any further influence on the outcome of the application procedure.