Our Services

From our offices in Creative Valley in Utrecht, we take care of store image and thus the complete Shopper Experience.
From the roll-out of an existing concept for a retailer to coming up with an entirely new creative concept, the sourcing and production of materials to logistics and execution in stores.


Project management is paramount to the service provision, whereby we translate the wishes of the client into concepts in the form of Window Displays, Decoration and Instore Presentation. These core services are supported by Warehousing & Logistics.

In addition, many new ideas for the future emerge in our "Orange Lab", the development of digital images, new technologies, additional content and ambiance presentations give a good impression of what's next.


We are involved in the creation of a new concept from the first idea, the first rough sketch and then the detailed elaboration of an overall picture: shop window, presentation, styling and ambiance.

In the creating the "Shopping Experience" Creative is not solely linked to the development of a new shop window image but also includes the entire shop interior, displays and other signing.
Also, thinking along with the addition of other experience elements such as Fragrance, Decoration and Technology is a must.

Once the Experience has been devised, coaches will add practical knowledge to instruct the Field Team and monitor the quality of execution.

In order for our clients to be able to focus fully on their core tasks, P&R is focused on offering Full-Service and 100% "Hassle Free".