Sketch Execution


‘The origin of every campaign.’ starts at the first good idea, It starts with the first good idea, those first rough sketches and then the detailed development of a new concept, shop window, presentation, styling or ambiance.

New ideas

The Shopper Experience Professionals work on these concepts on a daily basis. In our "Orange Lab" many new ideas, come to life where the development of digital images, content and mood boards are taken care of with close attention.
Do you need a campaign theme with a catchy tag-line? Leave it to our team!

Hashtag, Social Media Activation in addition to the campaign, Landing Page for that special promotion on a website or an App? Together with our network of Digital experts, there is one point of contact, for the “short lines” and corresponding support.

Our commissioning parties have known for years that “we are able to offer a full-service package through intensive and professional collaboration”. We like to call it “Hassle Free”.