Because we regularly see that short-term support is needed for shopkeepers, brands or retailers who normally manage Visual Merchandising in-house, we have developed an extra service;

Payrolling of Merchandisers

P&R offers you the solution by Secondment of our experienced and passionate Merchandisers. This allows us to take care of maternity leave, illness and busy periods together with you.

With our experience of almost 20 years with major brands and retailers, we can say that our professionals can work well as in addition to the current team within a short period of time.

All of our talents have graduated from a profession-oriented institute and have completed internal training at P&R, making our entire team deployable in all areas. In addition, our coverage of talents is spread throughout the Netherlands and also provides regional expertise.

How does it work?

Do you have a vacancy, or do you need a replacement for a colleague, or a need for a few months in supporting your current team which you cannot easily fill and so you need additional help for at least 1 day a week?

After a short meeting in which it is important to go through the duration, expectations from both sides, the content of the job, the sharing of each other's culture, agreements are made on the collaboration in 'the assignment agreement' and our colleague can quickly get down to work.

In accordance with the principle of 'good employment practices', P&R takes care of all salaries, premiums, insurances and social contributions for employees.

You will receive 1 invoice per month for the work carried out.
We strive to have a 'transparent' grip on costs in this way, and in this way reach out quickly to keep your team up to speed.

Does this appeal to you? Please contact us via the form below: