Window Displays

Shop window

The strength of a beautiful and attractive shop window is to attract the attention of a shopper and invite him or her to go inside, with the ultimate goal of converting him or her from shopper to customer.

A good shop window combines all elements of the total communication mix and sets the tone for the rest of the visit. We therefore devote explicit attention to making this event an experience in itself. Ensuring clear recognition and a marketing message is what makes the consumer experience as attractive, among the many impulses in a busy shopping area.

A product presentation does so much more than people think, no less than 70% of consumers notice changes in shop windows.
"Story-telling", "Content Marketing", "Stopping Power"… a good shop window has it all.

Window Diplays

P&R understands the business like no other. We have over 18 years of experience in showcasing for various retailers, brands and products. On this basis, we always work with our own permanent team of well-trained Visual Merchandisers and a motivated team in 'De Corridor' in Breukelen, who are ready to bring the next story to life and apply the next shopping experience.